In-House Courses


TC Training Center is the region’s leading provider of in-house custom-designed courses, we have been tailoring in-house solutions for our clients aimed at helping them achieve short-term training wins or long-term strategic requirements. All the courses we design can be offered “in-house Training” in the English Language, Arabic Language or a combination thereof. In addition to being significantly cost-effective, these courses are constantly in demand because of :

          * Address issues specifically related to the organization

          * Include specially designed cases and exercises, which apply to the client’s situation

          * Enable the organization to select the proper mix of participants to ensure maximum benefit

          * Help build team spirit among course participants

If you are interested in having a course custom-made for your organization, please submit a request using the link below. Once we receive your duly completed request, one of our business development professionals or consultants will get in touch with you to understand your requirements with more detail and answer any relevant questions you may have. After all pertinent information has been exchanged, we will work on the custom-made request and send you the proposal you require and work with you to identify the ideal period and place for delivering the custom-made solution.

Training Categories

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Administration and Secretarial
  3. Auditing and Governance, Risk and Compliance
  4. Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  5. Communication and Writing Skills
  6. Construction Management
  7. Contracts Management
  8. Customer Service
  9. Engineering and Instrumentation
  10. Health, Safety, and Environment
  11. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management
  12. Human Resources and Training
  13. Interpersonal Skills and Self Development
  14. IT Management
  15. Leadership and Management
  16. Legal
  17. Maintenance Planning and Asset Management
  18. Marketing and Sales
  19. Oil and Gas
  20. Planning and Strategy Management
  21. Project Management
  22. Public Relations
  23. Quality and Productivity
  24. Security Management
  25. Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  26. Transportation Management and Aviation
  27. Women Only Courses
  28. Certified Training Courses
  29. Newly Released Training Courses


Benefits of customized in-house training solutions:

 What do we deliver?

We focus on challenges, best practices, and solutions specific to your industry and functions. Participants will receive customized materials, USBs, and certificates. All companies will receive course evaluation summaries and participant assessments (upon request).



We come to you.



Per your schedule.



Structured around your training preferences.



 How much?

Training costs are effectively minimized per attendee/participant.


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