Accounting Applications For The Tax Law Of The Financial System

General objectives of the program:

  • A conceptual framework for VAT
  • The accounting framework for VAT
  • Attempts to apply VAT in some developed and developing countries
  • Problems of VAT application and treatment ulcers
  • A proposed framework for the application of value added tax in Saudi Arabia


Program directed to:

The program helps trainees from the accountants working in the departments of personnel, auditing and budget and any workers in financial management or the financial sector and others to deal with the problems of value added tax and how to edit and fill the monthly tax returns and discounts and refunds and settlements and exemption and deal with the problems of value-added tax for many goods and services Tax refund and discount problems and how to deal with table items.



First day:

A conceptual framework for VAT:

  • The nature of VAT
  • VAT characteristics
  • VAT application models
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Internal VAT
  • Technical regulation of VAT
  • Stages of taxation


Second day:

Accounting framework for VAT:

  • How to determine VAT
  • Tax rates to be applied
  • Identification of VAT debt
  • Tax examination
  • VAT refund
  • VAT deduction
  • Valuation of value added tax


Third day:

Experiences of applying value-added tax in some developed and developing countries:

  • Experiences in developed countries: France – United Kingdom – Spain
  • Experiences in developing countries: Dubai – Morocco – South Korea


Fourth day:

Problems with VAT application and treatment proposals:

  • Taxation problems on capital goods
  • Problems of taxation of petroleum products
  • Problems of tax on financial delay
  • Tax deduction problems
  • Tax refund problems
  • Problems of tax evasion


Fifth day:

Proposed Framework for the Application of Value Added Tax in Saudi Arabia:

  • Justifications for applying VAT in Saudi Arabia
  • Public budget justification
  • Taxation requirements in Saudi Arabia (accounting requirements – non-accounting requirements)
  • Tax administration authorities
  • Assignment of value added tax
  • Tax invoice
  • Assignment of value added tax
  • Tax invoice
  • Tax declaration
  • Tax credit
  • Effective tax assessment

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