Asset Accounting & Evaluation

About the training program:

In this course, we discuss the administrative and accounting methods for recording the assets and any operations related to them from inception, acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal or disposal. The management side also includes decision-making tools such as NPV, IRR, and budget comparison tools used to decide whether assets should be acquired, replaced or renewed.
The accounting is based on criteria related to tangible and intangible assets and rules for measuring the fair value of assets. In addition, this course covers various methods of depreciation, asset depreciation, standards, and accounting. It also deals with inventory accounting and other assets.

Objectives of the training program:

Introduce participants to asset management and accounting, including administrative, technical and accounting controls to optimize asset management and to implement management plans according to best scientific practices

The training program is directed to:

  • Accounts and Purchasing Managers.
  • Financial observers,
  • New employees dealing with fixed assets.
  • Internal Auditors.
  • Operations Managers

Topics of the training program:

First day:
Identify assets, types, documentary and operational cycles of assets and best practices for effective management
Second day:
Evaluation of investment in assets including investment decision making, time value, NPV, IRR
Third day:
Accounting for various assets including depreciation concept, types, fair value and disclosures required
Fourth day:
Accounting rules throughout the lifetime of assets, damage to assets, disposal and accounting rules
Fifth day:
Inventory accounting and management, problems and challenges facing asset management


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