Creative Administrator

The overall objective of the program:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define and understand the role of productivity and effectiveness in the success of the 21st-century administrative officer
  2. Develop self-leadership abilities to achieve professional development
  3. Improve creative thinking skills to facilitate the transformation of problems into opportunities
  4. Apply the power of positive attitude in the workplace
  5. Build excellent relationships with individuals at all levels
  6. Organizing and planning for the best performance at work and taking the time to the fullest extent possible


Program Themes:

Productivity and effectiveness: the keys to crossing the administrative administrator to the gate of the twenty-first century:

  1. Definition of productivity
  2. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: The difference between teams and practical uses
  3. Improve quality and effectively regulate the quantity of production

Effective Self Leadership:

  1. Principles of self-leadership
  2. Self-leadership is a requirement to lead others
  3. What makes you “distinct”: personal values
  4. Conduct a SWOT personal analysis
  5. How to become an effective person

Creative Admin:

  • Use different thinking methods to upgrade your profession
  • Use creativity as a business tool
  • Mental barriers and ways to overcome them
  • Brainstorm the best options available
  • Solving work problems and turning them into opportunities
  • Learning styles for professional development

Develop your relationships at work:

  • Find rapport with your manager, colleagues, and clients
  • Adapting to different work patterns
  • Wear the right hat
  • Identify the problems of individuals and individuals causing problems
  • Apply the principles of emotional intelligence

Best practices when dealing with your manager

  • Organize and plan for the best performance
  • Setting challenging performance targets
  • Implement key performance indicators at work
  • Use planning strategies and pre-thinking
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Personal planning for action

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