Creativity & Excellence In The Planning Of Modern Cities Through The Malaysian Experience

Objectives of the training program

To familiarize participants with modern information systems and trends in urban planning and the establishment of modern cities


The program is directed to

  1. Engineers working in municipalities and municipal councils
  2. Urban planning officials and architectural licenses in the governmental, private and semi-governmental sectors
  3. Municipal employees and secretaries, officials and other supervisors
  4. Planning and Budget Managers
  5. Entities related to city planning (regions, states, governorates, institutions and infrastructure companies)
  6. City administration officials and coordination officials in the service sectors and public services such as health, education, etc.



First day

Planning Science:

  • Profiles from the history of urban planning
  • General objectives of planning
  • The role and levels of planning
  • The stages of planning work
  • The foundations of the planning work


Second day

Natural studies of the city site:

  • City site studies
  • Surface appearances
  • Soil studies
  • Climate conditions
  • Environmental pollution – natural resources


Third day:

Urban Structure Studies:

  • Land use
  • Residential areas
  • Service areas
  • Industrial Zones
  • Green and open areas
  • Urban environment in the city
  • Visualization of the city’s architecture

Study of infrastructure networks:

  • Road networks
  • Utility networks
  • Population Census and Growth
  • Religious beliefs and social behavior
  • Population characteristics
  • Public services

Economic studies:

  • Economic sectors
  • Economics of the city’s lands


Fifth day

Executive Planning:

  • Executive planning of housing

Executive planning of service centers:

  • Neighbourhood centers and residential neighborhoods
  • The main canter of the city

Planning of public projects:

  • Planning of the industrial areas, Planning and design of road networks, planning of parking places, Land surveyor networks, planning and coordination of green areas, planning and coordination of urban areas



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