Documentation & Electronic Archiving Using Computers- Reducing The Use Of Plain Paper

Course Objective


  • To understand information and documentation compliance, regulations, standards and best practice
  • To create information and documentation policies, procedures, standards including information security standards
  • Create an information and documentation action plan to implement in their organization and learn from best practice implementations and case studies
  • Learn advanced concepts for managing information and documentation, such workflow, file plan, archiving, auditing, compliance, and version control
  • Review industry-leading solutions and vendors in this marketplace
  • Use metadata, business classification scheme, taxonomy and setting retention plan
  • Learn how to implement legislation, standards, and regulation
  • Create advanced policies and procedures
  • Setting up access controls and security procedures
  • Develop storage models, audit trail and storage technologies


►Target Audience


  • Secretaries and administrators wanting to raise their efficiency levels, improve their effectiveness and develop skills that will help their career development
  • People working in an office role supporting management and/or working in project teams
  • Anyone wanting to develop their practical skills and personal strengths to help them succeed in an office environment


Course Outline



  • Strategy and Understanding of Key Elements
  • Introduce information and documentation management
  • Review standards, ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO15489
  • Creating information and documentation audit
  • Create file plans, metadata plan, retention schedule, and other information controls



  • Concepts and Set-up Components
  • Compliance, controls, and security
  • Legislation, standards, and regulation
  • The business classification scheme and taxonomy
  • Document control
  • Understanding security and compliance



  • IT Process and Delivery
  • Review IT information and documentation management systems
  • Review scanning, storage and archiving systems that meet compliance
  • Scanning and legal issues
  • Archiving and retention requirements
  • Digital signatures and digital rights management



  • Implementation Planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Setting up an action plan for information and documentation compliance
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Creating an action plan



  • Case Studies
  • Introduction to case studies
  • Group 1 – Strategy
  • Group 2 – Concepts
  • Group 3 – Process
  • Presentations
  • Evaluation and discussion







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