Processing Of Engineering Drawings For Buildings Using AutoCAD

 About the training program:

  • Apply 2D drawing skills effectively as a tool in the design process.
  • Use AutoCAD to draw and plan a 2D project.
  • Apply presentation and presentation skills using AutoCAD to meet international standards.


General objectives of the program:

  • Using 2D drawing tools and skills
  • Use AutoCAD to draw 2D graphics for internal diagrams, faces, and sections.
  • Explore presentation and output techniques using AutoCAD to meet drafting skill requirements in the design process.
  • Use AutoCAD to create and modify 2D shapes.
  • Overview of 3D graphics: creating 3D models and binoculars


Program directed to:

  • Architecture students
  • Architecture graduates of different age groups
  • Students of architectural drawing and drawings conforming to reality



First day:

Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Customize your drafting environment
  • All about fonts


Second day:

  • Circles, rectangle, bow, polygon, ellipse, spline, etc. … –
  • Transfer, copy, types of lines, offset, extension, trim
  • Practical training


Third day:

  • Rotate, Mirror, Text, etc. …
  • Practical training


Fourth day:

  • Building a project from the ground up (practical test)


Fifth day:

  • Building a project from the ground up (practical test)
  • Completion of the scheme
  • Q & A

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