Effective strategic planning of the workforce


Strategic planning for human resources is one of the basic activities and practices of human resources management in all types of institutions. The human resources planning is based on a future strategy, which is based on studying the specific workload of the organization and comparing it with the strength and potential of future human resources in order to determine whether it needs to Additional work and the type and skills required to accomplish the planned workload in its overall strategy.

The importance of strategic planning for human resources for the institution is to know and appreciate the possibility of filling their human resources needs whenever their internal or external circumstances change and their projects or strategies change. The change affects the supply and demand of labor, which requires reconsideration by the institution to determine its needs. Apply global best practices in strategic human resource planning, human development policy development and the achievement of the Organization’s objectives


Program directed to:

Specialists in human resources departments and officials of staff and personnel management coordinators


Objectives of the program:

Linking the overall strategy of the Organization and the human resources strategy

Building the competitive strength of organizations through the HR strategy

Building an integrated HR strategy

Use of effective and successful human resources management components

Transforming human capital into intellectual capital and competitive power in organizations


Program importance for participants:

Training in developing strategic planning skills for human resources

Understand the changes in the limits of responsibilities for the human resources function

Identify human resources initiatives to enhance performance and create competitive advantage

Learn about modern human resources practices

Building relationships with human resources specialists from different institutions

Analysis of wages, salaries, and benefits granted to employees



First day:

Human resources management and its importance in organizations:

The importance of the human element in the institutions and its strategic development

Social and economic developments and their impact on the human resources function

Challenges facing human resources departments in organizations

Main activities and responsibilities and functions of human resources management


Second day:

Building an integrated HR strategy:

Understand the strategic planning process for human resources

Integration of the human resources aspects and strategic plan of the institution

Understand changes in the limits of human resources responsibility and enhance value in the organization

Understand the aspects of the impact of the company culture on human resource planning

The use of human resources initiatives to enhance performance and the competitive advantage


Third day:

Development of human resource management policies and practices:

Design Performance Management System

Planning for the selection of senior officials and officials

Understand legislative and legal developments affecting human resources policies

Prepare and apply compensation programs (ROUTEP – other features) and estimate

Develop relations between employees and all other administrative levels


Fourth day:

Human Resources Management:

Setting standards and evaluating the effectiveness of human resources in the organization

The engineering function of human resources to meet the modern needs of the institution

Management of the HR function of incoming Foundation

Create a work environment that encourages creativity and productivity

Use the matrix to evaluate the performance of the HR function


Fifth day:

Strengthening leadership in human resources:

Invest in the human resources available in the institution

Developing assessment and diagnosis skills in the institution

Improve the communication skills of HR managers with management levels

Achieving balance and integration between institutional issues and functional responsibilities

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