Innovation & Integration In Human Resources Management

General objectives of the program:

The objective of the program is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understand the objectives of the human resources management function in the current competitive environment and to identify and design key human resources management functions in an integrated framework for human resources activities and to define a practical approach to skills development for all HR professionals


Program directed to:

  • Members of human resources departments, staff and level of staff.
  • Staff of the human resources and personnel departments in various administrative presentations.



First day:

Presentation of the program, its main objectives and components.

Planning in human resources management

Function Analysis.

Practical cases.


Second day:

Human resources planning and recruitment.

Test human resource trends.

Interviewing applicants.

Practical cases.


Third day:

Training and development of employees.

Department of Organizational Development.

Practical cases.


Fourth day:

Evaluation of staff performance.

Track the career path.

Save salaries and wages.

Practical cases


Fifth day:

Incentives and financial rewards.

Occupational safety of employees.

Human resources and personnel management of global development.

Practical cases.

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