Leadership Innovation & Institutional Innovation


(This program is designed for leaders of creativity and innovation in institutions and entrepreneurs. Creativity and innovation are an ongoing process and leaders need to work on their dissemination and promotion as a way of working and living in the institutional environment.)


Program Goals:

  1. You will be able to distinguish between creativity and innovation in the institutional environment
  2. Introduction to creativity and innovation awards of institutional excellence
  3. Establishing a system of stimulation, follow-up, and evaluation of innovation and institutional innovation.


Program Outlines:

First: Creative Leadership

  • Leadership (definition of leadership and leadership)
  • Driving requirements and components
  • To identify the relationship between the qualities of the leader and the availability of administrative creativity among the staff
  • Identify the characteristics and characteristics of leaders in the leadership of the institution
  • Relationship of emotional and social intelligence with creative leadership.
  • Creative leadership in facing change and managing change.
  • The impact of creative leadership in decision-making


Second: Creativity and innovation:

  • Definition of creativity and innovation
  • Features of the creative leader
  • Self-management and its connection to creativity
  • Problem solving in creative ways
  • Making and making decisions with creative tools


Third: Creativity and innovation in the model of institutional excellence:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Establish, stimulate and disseminate a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Managing creative teams
  • Assessment of creative initiatives


Fourth: creative work teams

  • The stages of forming creative teams
  • Conflict management
  • Delegation
  • Empower individuals and promote creative ideas

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