Protocol & Event Management


  • Delegates will be able to schedule and plan an event
  • Delegates will be familiar with a range of events they are likely to engage in and the requirements for their successful delivery
  • Delegates will be able to identify the most appropriate venues and activities for their events
  • Delegates will be able to manage the media at their events with confidence
  • Delegates will be able to troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge

Who Should Attend?

  • Middle and senior managers tasked with the direct delivery of events or oversight of specialist sub-contractors
  • Senior operational managers with responsibility for managing teams whose role includes event management
  • Senior managers up to Board level with responsibility for the strategic use of events as part of the organization’s PR and marketing strategy and their effective deployment

Seminar Outline


The Role of Events in a Public Relations or Marketing Strategy

  • An Overview of Public Relations and How Events fit in
  • The PR Transfer Process and the Six Point PR Plan
  • Assessing your needs
  • Choosing the Event to fit the Objective and Audience
  • A Review of the Different Types of Event available
  • Writing a Successful Event Proposal


Event Planning, the Theory, and Practice

  • Scheduling – the long term plan
  • Event Running Order – the timing of an event
  • Budget – staff, time, materials money
  • Choosing the Best Venue for your purpose
  • Accommodation
  • Layout for Different Events – Seating, etc.


Stage Management, Dining, and Entertainment, Health and Safety

  • “Stage Management” of the Event
  • Ensuring the Event is On-Message and On-Brand
  • Welcome Desk – Set Up and Management
  • Sets, Staging and Corporate Identity
  • Catering, Entertainment, and Music at your Event
  • Staying Safe – Risk Assessment and Events


Managing the Media at Your Events

  • Generating News through an Event
  • Inviting the Media – invitations and press releases
  • The Press Office, Press Pack and Gifts
  • Conducting Interviews and Briefing Interviewees
  • Creating a Lasting Record – Filming and Photography
  • Involving your In-house Media


Invitations, VIPs and Bringing it all Together

  • Invitation Process for Different and Protocols
  • Working with VIPs
  • Meet and Greet
  • Hosting and Farewell
  • Follow-up
  • Building an Event Management Team

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